Our Campaign

Join The Rebuilding

Myself, Henri, and a small but passionate group of individuals are working tirelessly to see that the story of this landmark voyage is not forgotten. The heroic endeavour undertaken by the crew of the L’Égaré II marks a unique but largely forgotten episode in Canadian history—a moment of quixotic inspiration, during an era of adventure characterized by the likes of Thor Heyerdahl and Sir Edmund Hillary, that Canadians can call their own. We feel the right way to do this is to rebuild the raft for exhibition in a museum, just as it should have happened years ago.

The Campaign

We are looking to raise money to go towards the building of the raft. This will cover the expenses of the materials and travel costs related to the project. A short list of the materials needed includes:

  • Lumber;
  • Over a mile of manila rope;
  • Canvas for square sail;
  • Tools for the build (these will be rented);
  • And more…

What’s More…

This whole endeavour will be captured and presented as part of a documentary project on L’Égaré II. The documentary will also benefit from your participation. Thus, it will be our main vehicle for thanking our supporters.

We will be updating the project on our website with blogs, pictures and videos as things progress. We hope you’ll take the journey with us.

Perks for Donating

$10 – The Minnow
For donations of $10, you will receive a personal thank you postcard from Henri, featuring a photograph from the original journey!

$20 – The Atlantic Herring
For donations of $20, supporters will receive a personal thank you postcard from Henri and a "Special Thanks To" credit in the documentary film.

$50 – The Atlantic Trout
You get everything above, PLUS! a digital download of the documentary film!

$100 – The Atlantic Salmon
You get all the rewards listed above AND a DVD copy of the finished film.

$200 – Shark in the Water!
Everything listed above, plus an invitation to the christening of the new raft!

$500 – Official Crew of the Raft
An Associate Producer credit on the documentary and postcards from Henri and the director personally thanking you for your support.

$1000 – Neptune, God of the Sea
Your name will be engraved on a plaque of donors that will be affixed to the raft itself.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t help us financially, there are other things we need. Please:

  • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about our campaign;
  • Re-tweet, post about us on Facebook and other social networks, show that there is support of this project out there;

Our very kind thanks,

Ryan Barnett & Henri Beaudout

One thought on “Our Campaign

  1. Cher Monsieur Henri Beaudout, c’est Sandy et Sophie. Nous sommes des étudiants septième année qui veulent faire un projet juste patrimoine de votre voyage incroyable! Donc, nous aimerions vous poser quelques questions afin de mieux informer nos camarades de classe à propos de L’Egaré II. En faisant ce projet, nous voulons plus de gens à reconnaître la marque étonnante que vous avez laissé sur l’histoire! Si vous pouviez répondre avec peut-être une adresse e-mail et avant le 5 décembre, nous vous serions reconnaissants de cela!
    Sophie et Sandy

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