Research in Paris – La Galcante

Research Mags

While traveling in Europe this summer, I found the most unique bookstore in Paris. La Galcante is a shop specializing in old periodicals. Its stacks hold some 7-million titles–a massive archive that allows you to purchase your research materials. So, of course, I seized this opportunity to do some research on L’Egare II and our raftsmen. My efforts did not prove fruitless as I found the iconic issue of Paris Match with the boys as the cover story. But, even more exciting, I found the subsequent issue of the magazine, Paris Match No. 387, which contains another 11-page feature on L’Egare II and photos I hadn’t previously seen. In fact, in all my research over these past two years, this is the first time I came across this particular periodical–a marvelous discovery while on vacation. La Galcante has served as a resource for many filmmakers throughout its 40 years in business, and I was so pleased to join this tradition.

My partner Sonia, and I, were so excited about our discovery that we decided to shoot a little profile doc on the shop. Here it is:


For more go to visit the Weld Art Collective.

– R. Edwin Barnett

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