Marie Wadden’s “Atlantic Kon-Tiki” Receives Award

Marie Wadden, recipient of a Silver Radio Award for her piece "Atlantic Kon-Tiki"

Marie Wadden, recipient of a Silver Radio Award for her piece “Atlantic Kon-Tiki”

On June 24, 2014, veteran CBC producer Marie Wadden received the prestigious Silver Radio award from the New York Festivals 2014 International Radio Program Awards for her radio doc “The Atlantic Kon-Tiki”. The piece, which first aired on the CBC as part of the program Living Out Loud, tells the story of Henri Beaudout and the journey of the raftsmen of L’Egare II. Marie attended the ceremony with Henri in tow, which gave the aged adventurer, Beaudout, the opportunity to share his plan of rebuilding the raft with the media elite in the room.

But more important than my congratulations to Marie (and it is a big congratulations at that, because without her I would have never discovered this story myself, and she’s been nothing but gracious and helpful to me) is the timing of this award. In the midst of receiving accolades for her work, Marie’s 37-year career with the CBC ended as her position was declared redundant—another casualty of the continuous funding cuts that are happening to our public broadcaster. Marie recently published a thought piece on these budget cuts and the future of our CBC, and I urge you to read it HERE.

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