News: Hot Docs and The Raftsmen

An early concept drawing for the animated portion of the documentary.

An early concept drawing for the animated portion of the documentary.

It’s been quite some time since I last posted something, but make no mistake, the doc continues to move forward. In the summer, we toured the East Coast shooting interviews with some very lovely folks there, including RoseMarie Mahar and the aforementioned Captain Cyril Henneberry. This fall, I devoted my time to seeking out funding to help finish my film. I attended RIDM—The Montreal International Documentary Festival—and met with broadcasters. I also wrote what feels like dozens of Grant applications, although I know the number is south of that. And thank goodness, some of my efforts did bear fruit.

Most amazingly, I am among eight filmmakers to have been selected to participate in the 2014 documentary Doc Accelerator Program run by the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. The program is designed to help “emerging filmmaker accelerate their careers with an intensive Festival-based curriculum and an extended mentorship job training opportunity.” Hot Docs states that the goal of the program is to foster a new generation of Canadian documentary filmmakers (foster away, I say!). I will devote that week in April to learning as much as I can from the experts, and serving as an ambassador for my film and Henri’s story.

In this current period leading up to the festival, I’m in a mad rush to cut a trailer and continue working on my script for a court métrage version of Henri’s story in anticipation for the feature that will come further down the line as the story of this raft rebuilding plays out.

I’ll post the trailer once it’s cut.

R. Edwin Barnett

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