Meet Captain Cyril Henneberry

Captain Cyril Henneberry

Captain Cyril Henneberry

While in Halifax, I sat down with Cyril Henneberry, Captain of ‘The Promise’, the fishing vessel that towed L’Égaré II out to sea and set the lads adrift and on the adventure of a lifetime. Captain Henneberry, a fisherman from 13 years old, admitted that he suffered from sea sickness his entire professional life! He is now in his 90s, living with Pearl, his wife of over 60 years, just outside of Halifax, NS.

The Promise as it tows L'Egare II and its crew to sea.

A card sent to Cpt. Cyril in 1956.

A card sent to Cpt. Cyril in 1956.

Inside Xmas Card

Inside Xmas Card

2 thoughts on “Meet Captain Cyril Henneberry

  1. The Halifax Amateur Radio Club supplied communication for the raft L’Egare Deux. I would like your permission to include the photo above of PRIMROSE.towing the raft out of Halifax and keep it with the record of the club’s history. It will not be published to my knowledge.

    • Hi Spurgeon,

      I don’t mind you borrowing an image or two, just as long as they are credited. And if you could send me a link to where you’re posting the image, that would be much appreciated.

      I would like to hear more about the Halifax Amateur Radio Club’s contribution to this story.

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