DIY Shoulder Rig

Ryan and Rig

Because I have to work light, I made the decision to shoot The Raftsmen journey using a DSLR–I need to keep my gear as mobile as possible. With this in mind, I set about making a shoulder-mounted rig based on plans provided by Film Riot, making certain adjustment suggested by the guys at It ended up costing me almost three times as much money as I thought it would, but it was still considerably cheaper than buying a prosumer shoulder mount.

However, with it all finished to spec, the rig was comically long. With a big, crowded event coming up, such a tail would prove impossible to use, so I made a few changes of my own, trimming about a foot off the length and dropping the back end. It requires a little more weight in the counterbalance, but more than makes up for it in its compact size.

Check out the video of the upgrade.

Adjusting My Dual Shoulder Rig from R. Edwin Barnett on Vimeo.

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