We’re Raft Building!

In 1956, three men and two kittens from Montreal became the first in history to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a log raft. Christened “L’Égaré II,” which translates to “The Lost One”, the vessel crossed 5,000-kilometers of ocean from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Falmouth, England in 88 days, propelled only by the currents and winds. Following the success of this journey, the Premier of Quebec, Maurice Duplessis, asked the men to ship L’Égaré II back to Quebec for future display in a museum. But, with their raft back in Canada, the men discovered that no further plans were made to house it. Temporarily stored behind a barn in rural Quebec, L’Égaré II was ultimately fated to be picked apart by scavengers and souvenir seekers, and eventually rot away.

More than 50 years later, the Captain of L’Égaré II, Henri Beaudout, is now working to have a full-scale replica of his raft built and placed in a Canadian museum. But he can’t do it alone. Find out here how you can help him achieve this dream and see his raft take its rightful place in a Canadian museum.

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